“Let’s go take a drive and think about our lives,” Chance opens his second single from “PlanetX” with a nostalgic start. A total change up from his first single, “Thrilla in Manila”, second single “Meridians” plays within sultry tones of Chance’s voice and leaves the listener wanting more. Co-written by Chance and famed hip-hop produced BATTLEROY, the track speaks to Chance’s notoriety and the home he encompasses behind the piano. When asked of the inspiration behind the song, Chance states, “Meridians speaks of any human’s past. How, in some cases, people feel so trapped within the timing of their life; maybe some want to go back, some want to go forward,”

The song can be bought or streamed on all major platforms.


Lets go take a drive and think about our lives
Passing through meridians of greater times
I was on a different road
But now I’ve found my home, within you

So we can kill some time and watch movies all night
Later we’ll be talking, as the sky turns light
Every morning spent with you
Because every night I love the truth

The timing never felt so right, this feelings unknown
My love as a meridian, continues to grow
The lines they used to say
What type of life we lived
But now were creating them

We’re flying to another time
Our lives, they have circled, been entwined
Kiss my lips, and take me there
To heights unheard of, thoughts unreal
You’re so unreal

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Meridians Lyrics

  1. Greyson:

    Just “found” you and have been enjoying your music immensely. I also love your interviews and your take on life. You might want to check on Luca Sestak. He also started his career very early in his life.
    You are so cute!!
    Michael Green

  2. hai grey! I’m so excited about you! I’m fall in love with you from i see your cover song paparazi lady gaga! Always make a good carrier greyy!i love u????

  3. i love it..

  4. I really like your songs … Can’t wait to buy this on iTunes :3

  5. hey grey… when are you going to tour Indonesia? especially bali!!
    Your fans here have been waiting for

  6. Hi,Thiz Meridians is mums’ favorite song of you he even wanted to meet you but then she’s to busy..I hope I can meet you again soon here in Manila,Philippines and I hope you meet my mum to soon…Love you Greyson x

  7. 硬生生逼一个没有过六级的人看英语。。It seems I love Greyson so much.Unfortunately,my vocabulary is very poor.


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