My mom once told me that life does not move in years, but that it moves in seasons. I remember hearing this and being struck by its meaning. In ways it reaffirmed my belief that time, and life in general, is not restricted to linear movements, but rather circular ones. By this I mean that everything has a beginning and an end; and per either an event’s start or completion, there always exists a brief moment of clarity, a brief moment of collectedness. This could be true for any facet of life including leaving your hometown, firming up a new job, graduating from high school, or even beginning a relationship.


My mom’s words stuck with me, and it wasn’t until last year that I realized their absolute truthfulness when I saw, within my own life, the departure of one season into a new one that was unfamiliar and unchartered. In that moment, as I was driving away from a foreign town that I had known for many years, I felt a sense of freedom. Rather than holding onto my past, or a lifestyle that I understood, I eagerly jumped headfirst into a completely new and unknown journey. It was also within this moment that I no longer regretted the missteps of my past, but rather appreciated the strength and wisdom I had garnered from them. In the same way that the changing of leaves begins to mark the end of summer and the beginning of fall, I realized that one particular season of my life was over, and it didn’t scare me. My mind felt clear.


I know this seems strangely philosophical for the medium that these words are being presented to you, but I’d be lying if I were to say that this song was about anything else. As you listen, I hope that you will reflect back upon the ways in which you have evolved throughout your own life. For at the epicenter of this song is a meaning pertaining to one thing: growth.


Oklahoma City, June 30th, 2017